"Texas Caregiver Support Services" was founded in 2014 by Mr. Brian Mertz.  

Brian earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Master's degree in Counseling from Texas A&M University-Commerce and is a U.S. Army Veteran.  

Brian first became involved with caregiver issues after his father was diagnosed with Dementia in 2013.  Two years later, Brian's mother (who was also her husband's primary caregiver) was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and passed away in June 2015.  

Brian created the TXCSS website after he had difficulty finding all of the information he needed to fully support both his father and mother and he felt like he couldn't get the help he needed when he needed it.  Also, Brian wanted to "give these experiences meaning" and share them with others so he created a caregiver information website that all Texans could use, no matter where they were located in the state.  Later, Brian expanded this concept to several other U.S. states and foreign countries and created the "World Caregiver Network."